Artifice Gallery / Kiosk


Commissioned by the artmagazine Artifice to one of their releases. A transformable and portable gallery/ kiosk on wheels.


A collaboration with Andreas Remfeldt, Johanna Berg, Sara Andreasson & Josefine Harstedt.


The Artifice magazine contains 10 different posters from 10 different artists based in Gothenburg. The design is inspired by the poster format, and how posters are exposed on poster pillars around the city. The idea of a traditional paper

kiosk and the activistic act in putting up posters in cities without permission was something we wanted to influence the design.


We wanted to create a gallery with the purpose to make the art available for a bigger public and not only to be exhibited in the traditional art context.


The gallery is on wheels and the exhibition rolled through Gothenburg (from Avenyn to Chapmans torg in Majorna) exhibiting and selling Artifice.